Below is a timeline of major events in the marin of 200415.

HYPRA 200415aEdit

HYPRA 200415bEdit

  • 31:200415 - Deron War Craft's S-Fighter (Supura-Fighter) is released to the public
  • 32:200415 - Deron War Craft's "Progress" E-Gunship makes it's first demonstration run near Derazuma 2.
  • 39:200415 - Gaugon is formed and joins the Axis Alliance.
  • 42:200415 - Deron War Craft announces the K-Class Railgun.
  • 46:200415 - Deron War Craft announces the ARGCF, which ends up to be the last major C-Fighter variation.
  • 46:200415 - Deron repaints the Laser Virgil.
  • 47:200415 - Deron War Craft announces the Supura-UBER.
  • 52:200415 - E-Gunships from Deron, Razon, Andron, Neon, and Stevon make a celebratory flight over Excalibur.
  • 53:200415 - Deron War Craft announces that the E-Gunship will replace the C-Fighter, S-Fighter, and C-Defender in production.

HYPRA 200415cEdit

  • 62:200415 - The Prephion hoax begins as a group of Prestonian hackers make a threat to the USR stating it had already captured Futron territory.
  • 89:200415 - Deron announces its intent to locate Intron.
  • 90:200415 - A joint Deron-Leon-Netron force sets out from the Andromeda and Mallux Galaxies with the intent of locating Intron.

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