Metreliy 200420

The logo that will be used for the 200420 Metreliy Olympics.

The Games of the V Intergalactic Olympiad, also known as the 200420 Metreliy Olympics, will be the fifth Intergalactic Olympic Games. They will be hosted in the city of Metreliy, and hosted by the nation of the Tetrian Republic. This will also be the first Postmodern Olympics organized by the IOC (Intergalactic Olympic Committee).

Bids for the 200420 OlympicsEdit

The applicant cities for the 200420 Olympics included cities from sixteen different organizations. Below is the braket table of elimination used to eliminate cities based on the IOC's votes.

Nations ParticipatingEdit

Logo GalleryEdit

Tier-4 CanidatesEdit

Tier-3 and Tier-2 CanidatesEdit

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