The 31A-Polyp ia a military droid made by Logitech built for Stevonian war purposes. 31A-Polyps were one of the first Stevonian military machines invented by Logitech. 31A-Polyps, or just refered to as 'Polyps' are anchored to a wall at about chest level. Polyps shoot energy projectiles at enemies to attack. Polyps have identification sensors under their thick armor that can identify a person by their face. once anchored to a wall, a Polyp cannot be removed. Two Polyps are usually placed at corners so they can shoot oncoming enemies, and sometimes polyps are placed on ceilings so that. they will not be seen. A certain base called Dephorum was invaded by Deron in the first Gostrusum War, and they had light fixtures that resembled 31A Polyps, and every once in a while, a real Polyp was placed on the ceiling, and would shoot at them unexpectedly, when no one was looking, so that no one would figure out which one was the real Polyps. Deron forces eventually retrated after losing 43 men to the Polyps. Sincer the invention of polyps, there have been many different variants, including Shockwave Pulse (Blue) Acid (Green) and Electricity (Yellow).

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