Luna-9 spacecraft

An A-Type fitted with many insturments. The sack protects the anti-gravity booster.

The A-Type is a robotic ship used by SkyClan for various tasks. Some examples are: Repair, Exploration, Attack, Reaserching, Reconissance, Spying, Robotic Bombs, Police Duties, Satillite Maintenance, Space-welding, and other duties. The craft was developed in Marin 200404 and has been in use ever since. It is equipped with various insterments and tools to perform its various duties. A famous A-Type, #20-4568, carried 1 ton of uranium onto the Stevonian moon Yybe and increased the radioactivity levels by 99%. Many of Deron's A-Types are designed to launch various smaller vehicles as a deception to where the real ship is going. A-Types have performed stealth missions against all of the Easton Alliance's, and later SkyClan's, enemies with striking efficiency. Since they are only 3 feet long, they can perform much better in tight spaces than most probes like them.

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