The AEC Trans-Vatruxies, or Trans-V, is a modified Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries medium shuttle/gunship that Astro used to transport Astron to the Vatruxies Galaxy.


The AEC Trans-Vatruxies was built by Metra-Brooke in 200393 by request of Astro for a fast, but well-equipped ship to transport his new squadron Astron to the Vatruxies Galaxy, and hopefully get there before his brothers Neos and Raziel did. Although Raziel had a head start and Neos had superior equippment, the Trans-Vatruxies was so fast that Astro managed to arrive within the same colomarin as the others. What later became the Central Powers named their home galaxy after this iconic ship, and it became the Vatruxies Galaxy. The design of this ship also eventually lead to the even more iconic Metra-Brooke Intra-Star series of medium shuttle/gunships.

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