An Aameba is a very dangerous artificial creature created by Metron, for Stevonian war purposes. This creature is Amoeba-like in appearance, but is enlarged to an incredible size. It has the ability to hover through the air, and is based off the DNA of a Baeng (see creatures page), and has the ability to increase its size whenever another Aameba merges with it. It also increases in size when being damaged, and the more Aamebas merged with it, the more damage it can take. It also has a tendancy to eat it's opponents alive, while still taking damage from other enemies. If destroyed, it will release all the taken damage in one huge, supernova-like blast, destroying anything around it. Aamebas can fight in any environment, and the only food they require is their enemies, so the creation of the Aameba was a lage sucess for Metron.

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