Adon Federation (ADN)
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200403 - prresent

Ex. Administrator


Adon was a latecomer to the C-Fighter War, forming in 200403. It has remained out of any alliances for almost it's entire existance. The squad has been enveloped in Civil war 11 times since it's creation. Currently Adon and Deron jointly run the company WarTours.


Adon was formed in 200403 by Aden. Adon has been relativly unstable in terms of government throughout it's existance, and at times it's cube-shaped home planet of Flaterazoa has been divided between different politicians. Despite this, in 200408, Aden was able to pull this nearly-doomed squad out of the darkness and Adon joined SkyClan, then, in 200409, other politicians theratened to send Flaterazoa into civil war if Aden didn't withdraw his SkyClan membership. Derek, main leader of SkyClan, understood this and did not declare war on him like he did on Leon two Marins earlier.
Adon Insignia

Adon's Insignia

Noteable members of AdonEdit

Other members of Adon's government are constantly changing due to it's still-developing government.

Aden - Usual leader of Adon, also it's founder.


Adon is split into a number of groups struggling for power.

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