Angel is the leader of Angon.


Angel was born on 55:200362 as an only child, she has three cousins, Neos, Raziel, and Astro, of which only Astro was younger than her. As a child, she was obsessed with space, and even went to study astronomy in the United States. It was there that she met Derek, a visionary with a plan to make a space-based country in the Andromeda Galaxy. Overjoyed at this idea, she became a citizen of Derek's country, the Byzantine Federation, and began life in BFFC-18, which was basically a giant, flying, launchpad for space missions. When her cousin Raziel returned to take over the rest of Earth's Solar System, she requested that she be stationed on the Byzantine colonies on Earth's Moon, so she could stay away from the conflict. However, it was during this time that Deron was forced off Earth's Moon by a US-led coalition attack. One of the few survivors, Angel decided to move back to Romania, her home country, and rally support for the Byzantine in the Deron-Razon War. However, she was forced to leave when a threat to her life appeared from a team of US agents operating in Romania. Angered at the lack of Byzantine support from anywhere on Earth besides the Byzantine's sole ally, Mongolia, she decided to find her cousins and ask them for help. By this point, the D-R War had ended (It was Marin 200406), so she had no fear to go there. She bought an old Deron shuttle, the Lawrencium, twin of the famous Cassiopia, and flew to the Vatruxies Galaxy, where she met with her cousins' countries (Neon, Razon, and Astron, respectively) to ask for a place to stay. All three squadrons donated territory, and Angon became the fourth group in the Central Powers that same marin.


Angel has a bright and always positive personality, and is known for always being able to find an upside to any situation. She is also obsessed with Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries' line of standard fighter vehicles, and can name any of them on sight. Like all other citizens of the Central Powers, she wears a visor that protects her eyes from the intense radiation of the center of the Universe.

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