Republic of Angon (ROA)
Angon's current logo.



Group Category

Singular Group



Marins Active

200409 - Present

Ex. Administrator


The Republic of Angon is the only group in the Central Powers that does not use a Tenocratic government. It is also the first group to have a female leader.


Angon was created in 200406, when Angel, cousin of Neos, Raziel, and Astro, left Earth's Solar System to join her cousins in the center of the Universe. However, not wanting to upset any of them, she decided to make her own state, rather than choose one of their three to live in. Originally, Angon was a semi-autonomous territory of all three states, but eventually Angon gained it's independence peacefully. It joined the Central Powers 1 colomarin later and repaced Astron as the minority group in the Central Powers. Angon is based not on a planet, but in a large space crusier called the ROAC Triad.

Angon's Insignia

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