The Annihilation Battery is a large ship produced by Deron War Craft exclusively for SkyClan. The ship is bristling with cannons, except on the sides, where 2 large cannons are used. The ship is scheduled to be replaced in production by the Transistor, which is basically an updated version. 3 ABs are currently owned by Deron, and one is on trial loan to Razon. In newer versions, corner and vertex lasers have been added to increase armament. These ships often form a cloud of explosions around themselves when in battle for obvious reasons.


There is actually a Stevonia ship that is very similar to the Annihilation Battery that is slightly larger, and has not only heavy cannons on the side, but normal lasers as well. These are called A-14 Decimators. A-14 Decimators also have two heavy cannons on the front, one on each side of the cockpit. They as well have two large rockets on the back instead on multiple small propulsion systems.

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