Astro is the leader of Astron.


Astro was born on 47:200363, a little more than a marin after his older brother Raziel. He was the youngest of himself and his two brothers. His early life was rather uneventful until 200390, when Raziel proposed finding the center of the Universe using a new technology called "Spectral Gavatational Mapping". He joined Raziel and his other brother Neos on the ship Hydrogenic, and set off. After three marins, the brothers had a falling out, and the each went their seperate ways, all still trying to find the center. Astro went back to Earth and made a new ship, the Trans-Vatruxies, but due to this, he fell behind in the race. However, the significantly faster Trans-Vatruxies quickly caught up with Raziel and the Hydrogenic, but it was too late, as Raziel had already layed claim to the center. However, Astro left his mark by naming the galaxy the Vatruxies Galaxy, after his trusty ship. Astro's squadron, Astron, had the smallest population of the three however, so it got the least territory. Originally, unlike his brothers, Astro remained neutral in the Deron-Razon War, but eventually joined Neon in the Central Powers. Astro was the person who invented the Tenocracy system of govornment, which is the most commonly used in the Central Powers now. In 200409, Raziel's cousin Angel arrived with her own squadron (Angon) and requested permission to base it with the rest of the Central Powers. Her request was granted, and Angon became the only non-Tenocracy in the Central Powers.


Astro is very laid back, and is often described as the "cool kid" of the group, which wasn't exactly true, but he isn't going to argue with it. Like all other citizens of the Central Powers, he wears a visor that protects his eyes from the intense radiation of the center of the Universe, but he is known to say he only wears it because it looks cool.

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