The Metra-Brooke Aventra Medium-Class Laser Bomber, or just Aventra, is a Metra-Brooke-designed laser bomber ship similar in purpose and shape to Deron War Craft's B-2MS "MissileStorm" Laser Bomber. It also shares it's nickname "The Centipede", with that ship. The main difference between the Aventra and the MissileStorm is that the Aventra has flaired flanks and has more belly cannons. It also features Metra-Brooke's trademark new "Octo-Cockpit", which allows for almost 360 degree vision in all directions, which is nice when flying a bomber.

Minimal SalesEdit

As with DWC's B-2MS, The Aventra has not sold very well, with only 11 sold, all except one going to Deron. The fifth Aventra was a special demonstrator, complete with an Octo-Cockpit made of brick red-colored glass, similar to M-B's Intrava demonstrator. It has since been donated to Deron's Ship History Museum. The Aventra is scheduled to be replaced by M-B's new Vero bomber by 1:200420.

Owners Edit

  • Deron: 10
  • Metra-Brooke (Demo): 1

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