A Bacnile

Bacniles are Metron Creatures that are used for Stevonian war purposes. Bacniles have the ability to breathe in both outer space and on any planet surface. Bacniles also contain two small gasbags inside their body that allow them to levitate above the ground. Their gasbags don't need to be very large, because of their small size. (Bacniles only are about the size of an American Football) Bacniles sport eight eyes, four on each side of their body. They also have many razor sharp teeth that randomly grow out of the bottom of their body. They are able to fire these teeth from their body at will, and a new, almost identical tooth will almost immediately grow back to replace it. In space, the Bacnile use this action to puncture enemy ships' armor, as these teeth are sharp and slender enough to go right through thick metal armor. On land, fighting enemy troops, the teeth are fired in the same manner, and the armor piercing qualities have amazing (yet bloody) results, A single tooth fired from a Bacnile can go straight through eighteen human enemy troops lined up, before losing momentum and speed.

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