Brass Monkeys are a series built by the Trevoplian army, and are also used by Stevonia.

A Foot Soldier firing its eye lazer.

They are 40 feet tall robots that are used as heavy planet defense. All Brass Monkeys are capable of throwing gigantic grenades and firing their laser eye. There are several types of Brass Monkeys.

Brass Monkey TypesEdit

  • Foot Soldier- Standard Brass Monkeys.
  • Flying Monkey- Equipped with huge wings and rockets on their legs and back.
  • Dung Flinger- Mounted with two huge ant-aircraft guns on thier back that come forward over their shoulders.
  • Spider Monkey- Slightly smaller (about 30 feet tall) Spider Monkeys are built for speed and are equipped with a cloaking device that can turn them invisible for a period of time.
  • Gorilla- Like a Foot Soldier, only, much stonger. They have huge arms and smaller legs, and could easily destroy larger attaching ships. They have the thickest armor, which makes them slower than the rest, but their immense power makes up for it.

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