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200412 - Present

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Briton is a slowly rising group that is currently being finacially supported by StevoniaBriton is lead by Brittany.


Briton was dicovered at 29_00 & 7:200412, when Stevonia was recieveing mysterious tranmissions from an unknown source during its lockdown that had started at 26_20. The planet was not accepting or responding to any transmissions from anyone. Well, from anyone that Stevonian knew already, Briton thought. So it had sent its transmissions out and gave it a try. Luckily, the transmissions worked and Stevonia responded and it later called off its lockdown at 30_08 the same colomarin. 30_08 is also the time that Briton was founded.


Briton helped end the Gazanta War between Spencon and SkyClan. Brittany went and brought peace.

Briton NowEdit

Briton has grown successfully. Stevonia still helps Briton once in a while, but it has grown so much that it is starting to do things on its own now. Briton is taking baby steps, and soon... it will be its own independent self.

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