The Deron War Craft Consolidation-Blaster, or C-Blaster, was an "agile support fighter" made between Marin 200405 and Marin 200418, when it was replaced by the M-Fighter.

History Edit

The C-Blaster is based off the C-Defender, and was introduced to DWC's line one marin after that craft. It was created to fill the gap in DWC's line between the C-Fighter and the C-Defender.

Armament Edit

The C-Blaster was quite well equipped with weaponry, including a single turret on it's roof, a large cannon mounted beneath the main body, as well as two small cannons mounted above and below the cabin.

C-Blaster-2 Edit

The C-Blaster-2 was a modified version with anti-gravity boosters.

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