Random list of trivia from the C-Fighter War:

  • All M-Fighters were delivered without headlights, making it the only -Fighter-series craft not to have them.
  • Except for the J- and K-Fighters, all of DWC's -Fighter series have word abbreviations.
  • Project Eran is pronounced "EH-rin".
  • Deron's "Fresh Green Scheme" was insipred by one from JR West's Kodama Shinkansen.
  • The Epic Empire of Netron's formal name was given to it by Derek of Deron.
  • Deron and Hafnion once shared Deron's space city of Thyrm.
  • Tanon was formed by SkyClan.
  • So was Darwon.
  • Brittany saved the whole organization of Spencon during the Gazanta War.
  • The O-Fighter is based on the Q-Fighter-2.
  • "The Group"s real name was never discovered.
  • Razon was originally called the "Razos".
  • Horizox was originally Deron's codename for itself.
  • Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries is operated by Deron's government.
  • Graeon is only major squadron who's name is not made up of part of it's leader's first name.
  • Deron War Craft is part of the Easton Alliance.
  • The OBGC Spectrum is bigger than an R25-Class Ship.
  • During the war with rUBY, Raziel proposed building a "real-life Death Star to blow the sh*t out of it!"
  • The Official Sport of Ethon is Lacrosse, and baseball is banned.
  • The insignia of Spencon is based off of the SZ Vizor supercar.
  • Ion is the only organization that uses the Bitcoin currency.
  • Derek thought that the Credit system was too high-tech, and therefore unreliable, so he created the Hetron coinage system (Which has a computer chip in it's center).
  • The nickname for DTA-205, "The Terrahyptic Station", was inspiried by Derek's "childnood hero", Dutvutan / Syrsa.
  • Deron's Spectrum-Class ships have gravatational repeller units on their sides so they don't capture stay asteriods or space junk into their orbits.
  • Deron's first territory, the moon Iapetus, could fit inside the OBGC Spectrum 16 times.
  • The unoffical ship of Universal Epicness was the M-Fighter.
  • The people of the Deron planet SnowStorm have created a seperate calendar based on when certain ones of the planet's 400+ moons collide.
  • The Universal Epicness was the only squadron to have a designation that didn't have 3 digits.
  • The K-Fighter replaced the J-Fighter, but the J-Fighter also replaced the K-Fighter.

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