"The C-Transporter... That's, like, the space bus, right?" -Steven while discussing the C-Trans with Derek.

The C-Transporter, or C-Trans, is one of Deron War Craft's first ships, part of the original "Consolidation Line". It consists of a cab car fitted with a single laser and two rows of seating. As many as 10 extra cars can be fitted on. The cars are linked together by rotundas and couplers. Now, other variations have done away with the articulation. There are 4 types: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4. Type 1 is the standard one and is the oldest. Type 2 is the same as Type 1 but without articulation. Instead, it uses Car 1 and Car 2 together as one unit. Type 3 is used by Andron and used as demonstrators by DWC. Type 4 has the same pointed frontal section as the Type 4 C-Defender. Despite DWC's "Reimaging" Policy, the C-Trans continues to be produced, unlike many other Consolidation-Line ships. It survived the short-lived Supura-Series era unreplaced, and continues in production today. However, sales have steadily declined, and DWC has replaced it with the ET-Gunship as of 1:200420.

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