Michael J. Caboose, or "Caboose" is the vice administrator of Trevon.
Z-Caboose 4
Caboose wears simple blue armor with a gold visor.


Caboose has very low intelligence. When his brain was scanned for brain activity, the computer simply displayed UNK (unknown) on the screen. Also, Caboose tends to somehow accidentally load his assault rifle with crayons, and spell his name as "CABOSE". Caboose also spells Grif, one of his collegues, name as Griff, and is very specific to other people about that second 'F'. In fact, Caboose seems to be competly disconnected from reality, and tends to make random and odd remarks.


  • And that person who came out of the darkness was me! And I said we should have a birthday party! Let there be cake, hallelujah, gesundheit!
  • Tucker did it!
  • I like me.
  • We can use crayons for ammo instead!
  • I don't want to catch pregnancy!
  • We're in the future. Things are very shiny here.
  • Look! It's Muffin Man!
  • Kittens...kittens covered in spikes...
  • Milk... no wait, red...RED BULL!
  • Buttons! Oh man, I love pressing buttons!
  • Rest in peace pinky toe.
  • I have to pack my washcloth and six toothbrushes.
Z-Caboose 1


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