Z-Caurot 1

A Caurot

Caurots are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Caurots are small, rabbit-like creatures. They have short, soft white fur, four short legs, and a turtle-like shell. There are two hole in their shell that their very large ears come out of. The have a strong sense of smell and a very, very strong sense of hearing. They are usually used for spying, because of their strong listening ability and memory. But most amazingly, is that they have the ability to remember and repeat entire conversations, and can mimic the speakers' voice flawlessly. Although they are usually used for spying, they are also sometimes used to transmit messages as well. they also have a single very sharp tooth at the front of their mouth, which they use only in self-defense. Caurots eat mainly fruits and vegetables, and they are very quick and hard to catch.


  • Parts of their DNA come from Earth Rabbits, Parrots, and Turtles.
  • The name Caurot is a pun on the word Carrot, which is an Earth vegetable Rabbits are usually portrayed eating.
  • Some Police forces on Stevonia have their own Caurot, which can prove useful in solving some crimes.

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