The Colonaic Clock System is a time system created by Spencon to signify parts in a colomarin. The format for

A basic clock. Pictured from left to right is the colonaic time, the marinaic time, and the signified day of the vetamarin.

signifying the current time in a colomarin is (Millimarin_Micromarin), and for more specific times, (Millimarin_Micromarin_Nanomarin).

How to Convert From...Edit

Terra Clock SystemEdit

Use military time for this. Multiply the hours by 2. If the number you end up with is odd, subtract 30 minutes.

All Units of TimeEdit

Colomarin - Equal to one Earth day.

Millimarin - 1/48 of a colomarin (1/2 of an Earth hour).

Micromarin 1/30 of a millimarin (1 Earth minute).

Nanomarin 1/100 of a micromarin.

Picomarin -  1/100 of a nanomarin.

Femtomarin -  1/100 of a picomarin.

Attomarin -  1/100 of a femtomarin.

Zeptomarin -  1/100 of a attomarin.

Yoctomarin -  1/100 of a zeptomarin.

Tyoctum -  1/100 of a yoctomarin.

Millityoctum -  1/100 of a tyoctum.

Microtyoctum -  1/100 of a millityoctum.

Nanotyoctum -  1/100 of a microtyoctum.

Picotyoctum -  1/100 of a picotyoctum.

Tyoctomarin -  Currently, the smallest colonaic unit, at 1/100 of a picotyoctum.

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