Corbot Patrol Droids, or CPDs, are robots built by Logitech for Stevonian use. As their name states, they are used to patrol areas, particularly military areas. Although they are about a foot shorter than the average human adult, CPDs stand about 4' 6" from the top of the antenna to the ground. Although they are a
Z-Corbot Patrol Droid (CPD) 1

A Corbot Patrol Droid

bit on the smaller scale, they pack quite a punch. They are armed with a HyperBlaster A-6. The gun has three settings, low, medium, and high. Low setting fires large powerful green energy bolts that will not only burn the victim, but also blow them backwards because the bolts explode with a small explosion of energy that is meant to knock out the intuder. Medium does the same, only with enough explosive power to flip over heavy crates. High setting is able to create a small sonic boom at the place of impact. This is meant to flip over the enemy's getaway vehicles or shoot down escaping ships.

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