3 Crawniks

Crawniks are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Despite their somewhat innocent appearance, Crawniks are quite dangerous. A Crawnik's fangs have a poison strong enough to paralyze humans and animals up to four times the size of an average human, and a Crawnik also has a strong beak to crack the nuts that they eat. (however, they also eat small rodents) Crawniks are capable of limited flight, usually flying in short bursts. They are surpisingly good tree climbers and swimmers, and quite intelligent too, able to solve simple tests. Most Crawniks are about 2 1/2 feet long.


  • Like Sieni, a line of Crawniks are bred as pets, without venom in their fangs. However, there are no obvious pysical differences. Either way, war Crawniks intelligence are trusted quite widley and a Crawnik would never bite a civilian.

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