The Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries Deflector Rapid Launch Medium Interceptor, or Deflector, is the long-overdue M-B equivalent of Deron War Craft's relatively successful E-Fighter, better known as the Magellan. It is designed to be launched as quickly as possible to intercept and destroy enemy ships as quickly as possible. As with other M-B ships, it features the brand's trademark "Octo-Cockpit" which allows for near 360 degree vision. According to M-B, it is capable of reaching it's top speed in 10.4 seconds.

Versus the E-Fighter Edit

When compared with the Magellan, the Deflector is twice as long, but also uses a more powerful engine, and has a larger armament. The Deflector also is capable of using specially built disposable solid rocket boosters, of which it is usually equipped with two, to further increase takeoff speed.

Owners Edit

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