Derazuma 1 is one of two planets in the Derazuma Planet System, along with Derazuma 2. As with Derazuma 2, it is controlled by Deron. D1, as it is sometimes called, has 2 large continents on it's surface, Revan and Ovexta, seperated by two extremely deep rivers, Sectum and Agenta. It also has many large lakes. The rest of the land is mainly covered in forests. The only exception is the Northern Tundra. Here, nothing besides immense layers of ice and snow can be seen. In fact, most scientists believe there is even no soil, it just transitions from ice and snow straight to rock. Unlike Derazuma 2, much of Derazuma 1 still has to be explored. The large Yebanta Mountains in the southeastern hemisphere are still unclimbed. Still, a number of cities exist, including the main city there, Eaon.

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