Derazuma 2 is one of the two planets in the Derazuma Planet System, along with Derazuma 1. As with Derazuma 1, it is controlled by Deron.


Unlike Derazuma 1, Derazuma 2 has only 1 continent, Hexanta, and a large ocean everywhere else. This massive ocean is known as the Farrux Eterna-Ocean. On the opposite side of Derazuma 2 as Hexanta, a massive underwater super volcano, named Sachevongroßermacht, or "Thing of Great Power", constantly spews out temporary continents made of pumice, a rock that floats for about 5 marins. These floating continents can be colonized, and once one sinks, the residents can just move to another because many are produced all the time. Also, the north and south poles have large floating ice caps. On Hexanta, just about anything from around the known universe can be found. The Deron capital city, Byzantium II, is located there. The continent is famous for it's hexagonal shape and many lighthouses, which are needed to steer ships through the massive waves on most of Hexanta's shorelines.


Due to the fact that Derazuma 2 has only one continent, weather can be quite chaotic. Temperatures are similar to those of Earth, considering it is within the same area that Earth was around it's star. However, occasional heat waves occur when the Derazuma Planet System is near the third red dwarf in it's system, which orbits around the two main ones. However, these usually don't last long, considering the rapid orbits of both bodies and the fact that they orbit in opposite directions.

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