"Founded the USR, created the greatest military attack in history [Project Eran], makes music, owns a railroad and a hovercar company, built an airship [VFA Upsilon], and made his own country [Deron]. What hasn't this guy done?!?" - Raziel upon being asked his opinion of Derek.

Vectron Federation OverRuler Derek is the commander of the Vectron Federation and also it's founder.


Derek was born on 65:200356 as the oldest of his parent's two sons, his younger brother being Ethan, founder of Ethon. In 200390, he finished creation of VFA Upsilon, a rigid airship based on the British R100. Within this airship he started his own country, the Grand Federation of the Flying Byzantium, or Byzantine Federation. Originally consisting of just a few individuals, the Byzantine grew in population as people were attracted to the young visionary who was willing to learn from others. The Byzantine was almost entirely devoted to it's space program, known as Space Exploration Group, or SEG, and was quickly able to build a space station, as well as start colonies on Earth's Moon, Mars, and, in cooperation with a group called Hafnion, Saturn's moons, mainly Iapetus. He established a plan, with the help of his partner Angel, an up-and-coming Romanian astronomer who was fascinated by his plans for the future, to make a colony in the Andromeda Galaxy, but this was cut short when Angel's cousin Raziel arrived back from the Vatruxies Galaxy to prevent anyone else from returning to Earth. Naturally, Derek was angered by this, and he delcared war on Raziel's group, the Razos, later known as Razon. This confict, known as the Deron-Razon War, lasted until 200405, with Deron winning. It was during this war that Derek first flew Deron B-Fighter #2, which later became his personal craft, which he named Invincible. After the D-R War, Derek created the SpaceWay system to connect Deron's rapidly expanding empire, and started the alliance known as SkyClan with Andron and Neon. When the Deron capital was moved from Thyrm to the Derazuma Planet System in 200404, his official address was 505 Hyper Drive on Derazuma 2, but he spent most of his time in the Upsilon. During every major war that followed, he always fought alongside regular Deron pilots in Invincible, making him quite popular among the general public, but his trusty B-Fighter lived up to it's nickname numerous times, and he was never seriously injured. In late 200418, with the completion of the Flyer (Ship), Derek decided to live there, finally giving Upsilon a break. Derek also played a key role in helping develop the Byzantine's new operating strategy, which involved its name change to the Vectron Federation.

Organizations Derek has created (Or had a major part in creating)Edit

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