The Ditron Totalitarianism (DTR)
Ditron's final logo.



Group Category

Singular Group



Marins Active

200403 - 200415

Ex. Administrator


Ditron was a group that formed in 200403 and was discovered by Ion in 200414. It was a powerful group located in the Triangulum Galaxy, and had plans on taking control of Universe One. It was also the organization that led the UAT.


In 200403, Ditron was founded by a group of Ditromidus's followers from Earth. They soon became the most important people in the organization known as the Powerful 30. However, after only one marin, Ditromidus decided to take matters into his own hands and transform the government into a totalitarianism. Soon enough, the majority of Ditron's military went unnoticed until in 200408, a neutralist group by the name of Zetron that came from the Neutral Zone settled in a nearby area. Ditron insisted that they were in their "territory" (although in reality they weren't) and declared war on them, starting the short Retrean War. In the four short battles that took place, Ditron completely annhilated Zetron and left no trace expect for one woman, Fern Milton, who plays a huge role as vice administrator of the Counsil of U, a neutralist group. Afterwards, Tetron went to settle in the Triangulum Galaxy later that marin. Until 200415, Ditron had no plans of attacking Tetron, but they were afraid they could get stronger if Ion gained more power. Ditron was eliminated by SkyClan during Project Eran.

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