Drop Squad

The Drop Squad.

The Drop Squad is an elite trio of Dubstep ground fighters that battle against enimies for Ion and Spencon. They also drive individual TriD-Shuttles (Dubstep Tri-Shuttle).


When Spencon first discovered Dubstep, they wanted to give it a "test run" to make sure its flaws were corrected. The Drop Squad was created as a Dubstep police to control Catharsis's early crime problems. Their first mission was a success, and since then, they have never lost a battle.

The Drop Squad TodayEdit

Today the Drop Squad is still working for Spencon and Ion and have gathered many more crew members from around the organization. The main crew still remains in power of the Drop Squad program.

Crew MembersEdit

Drop Squad BlueEdit

Drop Squad Blue is the ringleader of the Drop Squad and wields the Blue Lead Gun. He is very aggressive and will shoot at any enemy he targets. Although he is the leader of the drop squad, his gun is not the most powerful.

Drop Squad GreenEdit

Drop Squad Green is one of the two secondary members in the crew. He wields the Green Bass Gun. The Green Bass Gun is the most powerful gun. He is less aggressive than Drop Squad Blue and is more cautious. Green has excellent accuracy.

Drop Squad RedEdit

Drop Squad Red is the other secondary member in the crew. He is also the only member not to wield a gun. Instead, he wields the Red Treble Gloves. He is an all-around man making him the balancer to the team.

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