Dubstep is a musical weapon created by Spencon and used by many other organizations.

A normal blue dubstep ray.

Creation and the Musical Weaponry TheoryEdit

Dubstep was first created as a music genre on Earth. Spencer, of Spencon, on his long journey to the Triangulum Galaxy, created the Musical Weaponry Theory, which states:

"If a simple .MP3 file can be transformed into a picture file such as a .RAW extension, it is possible to use the bits from the .RAW file to create a musical weapon from a simple grid of solid holography."

Spencer's theory worked as he tested it by hand-crafting the first ever dubstep gun. Many more dubstep weapons were manufactured afterwards and now have become a universal sensation.

Other forms of DubstepEdit

  • DRUBEH (DRUm n' Bass, Electro, House)
  • Complextro
  • Glitchstep
  • Bitstep

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