"No. It's isn't the Electro-Motive passenger diesel, but it's just as awesome." - Derek on the E-2, which he designed

The Metra-Brooke Heavy Industries E-2 Light Assault / Scout Fighter Craft, or just E-2, is a light fighter produced as a responce to the lack of a Deron War Craft light fighter after the discontinuance of the C-Fighter.


The E-2 is based on the experimental E-1 Light Fighter, of which only one was built. It is almost exactly the same, with the exception of the addition of a true turret on top of the main body, and a larger windshield. The craft was the only Metra-Brooke fighter not to have M-B's signature "Octo-Cockpit" until the introduction of the Huron.

Extreme SuccessEdit

Due to the fact that the E-2 had no competition when it first made it's debut, it sold extremely well, meaning that some squadrons, such as Gaugon, had only E-2s as their light fighter force. It was so successful that DWC reincarnated the C-Fighter, now renamed the T-Fighter, to counter it's runaway sales. The T-Fighter even based it one main improvement on the E-2, the replacement of a stationary main gun with a turret.

Owners Edit

  • Andron: 60
  • Astron: 50 (Replaced Astron's C-Fighter Fleet)
  • Darwon: 47 (Replaced Darwon's C-Fighter fleet)
  • Deron: 120 (Replaced 120 of Deron's C-Fighters)
  • Exion: 40
  • Gaugon: 100 (The E-2 is Gaugon's standard fighter)
  • Leon: 30 (Ordered but never delivered, later sold to Peteon)
  • Metra-Brooke (Demo): 4
  • Metra-Brooke (Lease Fleet): 80
  • Peteon: 30 (Originally ordered by Leon)

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