DWC E-Gunship (paint)

A DWC E-Gunship drawn by FSZ in Paint.

The E-Gunship is a medium-size ship that can be used for multiple purposes. It is the new standard craft in Deron War Craft's product line. (The previous one being the C-Fighter.)

Position In Line and Make-UpEdit

The E-Gunship replaces both the C-Fighter and C-Defender in DWC's "Progress" Line of combat ships. It is more heavily armed than both ships it replaces, and bigger too. It features a late-model E-Fighter (Magellan) as it's control center, which doubles as an escape ship.

Famous Models and ControversyEdit

DWC Demonstrator #1001, aka "Progress", has already toured many major organizations, showing off the new advances in DWC technology. However, some among the C-Fighter faithful have protested the demise of the long-running craft, causing DWC to leave the ARC-13UV C-Fighter in production for one Hypramarin after the E-Gunship's introduction, which means it was avalible untill the end of Marin 200415.

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