Ecto are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. They resemle green-and-pink amoebas that hover in the air and are roughly a foot wide. They have a gelationous pink outer membrane and a semi-gelationous green inner core, in which floats two eyes. Ecto cannot be harmed by physical objects such as bullets or knives, but
Z-Ecto 1

An Ecto

can still be harmed by lasers or other energy-based weapons. Ecto are capable of engulfing objects through their membrane and almost immediatly dissolving them, which is what they use as a form of attack. Their other form of attack is the fact that they can produce and are immune to electric charges, which Ecto use as a short ditsance shooting weapon, frying their opponents. Ecto are also capable of instant mitosis, splitting inlt two smaller Ecto, and then they can join back together again. This can prove to be useful when stealth is needed. The Ecto can perform mitosis so many times that it turns itself into a cloud of millions of microscopic versions of itself. Then, they can immediatly come together at once, appearing out of nowhere and striking fast. This "Ecto Cloud" is also capable of going through vents and cracks, even though they can already do that when in its normal size. Another similar, yet notable thing is that Ecto can join together with other Ecto, forming larger and larger giant Ecto, which can be devastating to the enemy. Ecto also are immune to Elektronets, because of their electricity powers.

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