Ecto Field is the main sports stadium of Byzantium II, and formerly of the entire Byzantine Federation, until the completion of the Spectrodome Multi-Functional Arena.


Ecto Field was one of the many building constructed during the Great Construction Boom of 200404, during which most of today's Byzantium II was built. With the construction of Ecto Field, the Byzantine had it's first ever sports stadium, and it's first team, the Byzantium Barrage, which played MLS Football. Since then, the role of Deron in the sports world has inceased dramatically, and Ecto Field hosts a variety of teams playing everything from baseball to rugby. Originally, Ecto Field even had an actual field, although this was taken out in Marin 200411 and replaced by turf, leading some to refer to it as just "Ecto". Ecto Field also housed numerous events during the First Intergalactic Olympiad in 200404.


Ecto Field's basic styling was originally based on the long dead former New York Mets Shea Stadium, whose long life ended in the Earth year 2008. However, it was updated to fit in with the surounding buildings. A massive, 5 story tall, horseshoe shaped aluminum exterior is punctuated by four long glass panes running the length of the stadium. At the front entrance, a massive upside down u-shaped gate splices all four glass panes and forms the main gate as well. Oddly, the exterior of the stadium is decorated with a single red and yellow pinstripe, despite the fact that none of the teams that play there have red and yellow as their colors. However, it looks good enough that it hasn't been repainted.

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