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Ethon is an organization lead by Ethan, Derek's brother. It is the main group of the Axis Alliance, which it also formed. It also started the Sumpter War with SkyClan, which since ended.


Ethon was formed in 200401. Files have recently been released suggesting Ethon's "Neutral" state between then and 200409 was really just Ethan and his allies Tanon and Darwon planning their war against Deron. The resulting war, called the Sumpter War, took it's toll on an over confident Ethon. Ethon failed to co-ordinate it's freighting and war ships as Deron and Astron had done so well. One significant blow came from a sneak attack by a group of Stevon raiders. After the final battle of the Sumpter War, Ethon was left disorganized and strapped of cash, so much that they could not even paint their ships in the standard paint scheme.
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Ethon TodayEdit

Today, Ethon is recovering from the Sumpter War, which caused significantly less damage to SkyClan than it did to Ethon itself.