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The Flyer is the "latest and greatest" in the Vectron Federation's Spectrum-Class of ships. It's design was tweaked by Derek before construction started, and as such is known to be about 5 percent better in just about every mechanical aspect. The Flyer is basically the modern equivalent of the VFA Upsilon, except larger.


Construction on the Flyer began on 1:200417, and was finished in just under a Marin, becoming a new record for Spectrum-Class construction, beating the Trigon by 2 colomarins.


Outside, with the exception of it's special graphics, the Flyer looks the same as any other Spectrum-Class, with the exception of the fact that it is slightly shorter. However, inside, the Flyer is much different. It consists of only one large chamber, known as Flyercity (Yes, one word). At the center of Flyercity is Derek's house (Known as the Katia Building), which is a large 3-story building made of ytterbium, lutetium, and glass. Other noteable buildings include a replica of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, known as the "2.0 Metro", as well as numerous Byzantine military instalations.

Armament and DefenseEdit

Like other Spectrum-Class ships, the Flyer is well equipped in the form of protection. It has it's own division of the the Deron Armed Forces, known as the Flyer Force. It is well known that the Flyer is the fastest Spectrum-Class ship, able to outrun many ships, including many over 7,000 times smaller than itself.


As the "latest and greatest" of the Spectrum-Class, the Flyer has the most bugs fixed, including an issue with it's artificial rain system that caused major downpours in some areas, but no rain in others. It also has the most solar panels on it's exterior.


  • Derek's original private ship, the VFA Upsilon, is currently stored in the Flyer.

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