The Deron War Craft Gnawing-Fighter, or G-Fighter, is a modified C-Fighter offered as a seperate model by DWC.


The G-Fighter is basically a SawC-Fighter with a headlight mounted above it's main cannon. Because of this, many people don't even count it as a seperate model in it's own right. Only 7 G-Fighters built, all for Leon. Deron later aquired 5 as part of Leon's surrender after the Dastrac War. One of these, the first one built, currently resides, in it's original Leon paint scheme, at Deron's Ship History Museum.

Use at DeronEdit

To Deron, the G-Fighter is a vital part of it's Enemy Ship Invasion Force (ESIF). They, as well as a group of standard SawC-Fighters, are responceable for cutting holes in the sides of enemy carriers for infantry boarding. Two ESIF G-Fighters are involved in Project Omitrux.

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