The Gazanta War was a very short lived war between SkyClan and Spencon.


The war started when Spencon started making false accusitions against Deron, such as "patrolling the PLUX System" and "taunting the people of Catharsis" and then declaring war. SkyClan, being allies with Deron, joined with Deron. Stevonia also sided with SkyClan, making Spencon very irate. Derek said in a speech to the Deron people "I do not plan on attacking, but they started this war, and it may be up to SkyClan to end it." Eventually, Spencon attacked the Derazuma Planet System with 100,000 RF-M5s, which were destroyed immediatly by the planet's Mobile Defense Station defense system. Immediatly after this, Brittany notifyed Derek that she wanted the war to end. Since Derek never even wanted the war to start, he joined Brittany and Spencer in negotiating peace, and the war ended after one colomarin. It was later revealed that Derek had planned a major strike by R44Bs as a last resort, but the war ended before this strike could occur, quite possibly saving Catharsis.

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