Z-Gorom 1

A Gorom

Goroms are gelatinous creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. Goroms have two eyes and a brain, which floats inside. They also have a thin membrane that allows them to choose what passes through the membrane into it's liquid-like innards. Goroms were made with a high brain power, higher than most Metron creatures but lower than a human's. Their brain power is about equal to that of an average monkey. Goroms were created to operate designated machinery that was built to be operated by them. This machinery usually controls Gorom Drones, which fly through the battlefield, attacking the enemy. Goroms operate machinery by putting levers inside their membrane and changing the flow of the gel-like liquids in their body, essentially pulling the lever with a liquid current. Buttons can be pressed by putting pressure on them an not letting them pass through the membrane. Also, special slots can be activated with electricity. Goroms' brains can produce a small electric pulse that can be used to activate and deactivate these slot functions. This pulse can also be used as a self-defense mechanism, in case that is ever needed, although Goroms are always kept unexposed during battle.

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