The Empire of Graeon (GRE)
Graeon Logo
Graeon's current logo.



Group Category

Singular Group



Marins Active

200401 - present

Ex. Administrator

John Graer

The Empire of Graeon is a reletively large squadron inhabiting the outer sections of the Mallux Galaxy, which it shares with Netron and Hafnion.


Graeon was formed in 200401 by a group of people leaving Earth to explore Space. They were lead by John Graer, who gave the Empire it's name. For over 7 marins, Graeon remained isolated from other squadrons, but that all changed in 200415, when an Easton Alliance exploratory group entered the Mallux Galaxy. Graeon was also the first Trans-Mallux group to join the United Space Republics.

Graeon's Insignia


Graeon is the head group of The Trans-Mallux, and has the best relationship with the Local Group Squadrons.

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