Gurave is a volcanic planet with no moons, and is owned by Stevonia. It is home to many hostile creatures but Stevonia has been able to develop technology that can protect those based there. There are many well-protected bases, even floating bases that float under the lava. Despite native creature's hostility, stevonia has been able to use them to their advantage. most creatures there have grown used to the Stevonians, but are not familiar with others, such as enemy groups, and will attack them. Some Stevonians based there even feed nearby creatures and the creatures have been not only acceptance of their presence but also affection. Here are some of the creatures that live on Gurave:


Guravas are creatures composed of 96% lava. Guravas have circular mouthes that can stretch enough to swallow a small ship, and they have done so in the past. Guravas are one of the many creatures Metron intends to inhance in the future. Photo


A Mua is another creature that lives on Gurave. Mua are slightly less intelligent than Guravas. Mua are wormlike creatures about 11 feet long and have two compound eyes about one foot down the body from the mouth. The mouth is shaped in a circular pattern similar to that of a Gurava, which is a common feature on Guravian species. Mua were not as aggresive to the Stevonians when they landed than the Guravas, but still attacked if one got near. nevetheless, the Mua gave in to food when offered it, so they eventually "sided" with the Stevonians. Picture

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