Gyorgs are creatures created by Metron for Stevonian war purposes. They are the first Metron organisms to be
Z-Gyorg 1

A Gyorg

energy-based, and are capable of being summoned by certain Metron creatures, such as Islathra. Gyorgs are glowing with energy, and explode upon impact in a large energy exlposion that realeases magnetic pulses, tossing back any enemies caught close to the explo
Z-Gyorg 2

An Islathra throwing a Gyorg

sion. Creatures who are capable summoning Gyorgs levitate them in the air and then "throw them" without ever actually touching the Gyorg. Although much smaller, Gyorgs have a close physical appearance to Shabbah. Gyorgs have one nucleus in which they keep all thier organs. The rest of the energy around it is simply highly explosive energy.

Z-Gyorg 3 (x-ray)

An X-ray of a Gyorg. The Nucleus and Energy Field can now be viewed.

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