Of all of Deron War Craft's "-Fighter"-series craft, the illusive and mysterious H-Fighter is perhaps the most notorious, as well as the most intersting.


It all started on April Fool's Day in marin 200401, when DWC announced a successor to the C-Fighter, the "H-Fighter". The "H" designation was chosen because the ship was not real, and "H" stood for "Hoax". The next colomarin, DWC announced that there was no H-Fighter, and the C-Fighter would continue in production. However, when this "Hoax-Fighter" was revisited eleven marins later, DWC production records showed that about 500 H-Fighters were actually produced sometime between marins 200407 and 200410, at least six marins after the hoax. Now this is where it gets intersting. When looking through selling records, it is not listed when, where, why or how the H-Fighters were sold, or even built. However, it does say that all appox. 500 were sold to one buyer, listed only as "DHN". No real meaning for this abbreviation has been discovered yet, and it does not appear anywhere else for the selling records for any other ship from any other manufacturer. No pictures exist of the H-Fighter, not even any conceptual drawings, so no one even knows what it looks like. Some have even said that it doesn't exist, but then why would DWC put so many fake records, even after they said that the original "Hoax-Fighter", was fake?

Relation with the M-CraftEdit

Some have said that the H-Fighter is probably related to, or even the same as another mysterious craft project, Deron's illusive M-Craft, which can, amongst other things, turn invisible, teleport between dimensions, and travel near the speed of light. However, there is no proof to support this theory, and what little is said about the M-Craft seems to show that Deron developed the M-Craft seperately from DWC, possibly even as a competitor.

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