Hafnion Federation (HFN)
Hafnion LogoD
Hafnion's current logo.



Group Category

Singular Group



Marins Active

200401 - present

Ex. Administrator

Hafalla (Haf)

Hafnion is the smallest of the three Trans-Mallux squadrons. It exists on the side of the Mallux Galaxy farther from the Local Group .


Hafnion left Earth in late 200401, and orginally shared the city of Thyrm with Deron, but left in 200403. It followed Graeon to the Mallux Galaxy and formed The Trans-Mallux. It stayed reletively isolated until 200415, when ships from Deron and Andron arrived in the area.

Hafnion's Insignia


After the arrival of the Easton Alliance ships, Hafnion's citizen's were happy to be reunited with the squadron they once shared a city with. Also, Hafnion was accepted into the Easton Alliance along with Deron, Andron, and Deron War Craft.

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