The Heavy-C iss a heavy assault ship that was built by Deron War Craft. It has a number of variations, but many common features are shared. Such as the large, cylinder-shaped body, and revolutionary Escape Ship, which, when it was first built, was the only one of it's kind (DWC has since produced a special model that functions as escape ship on large vessels, the 1000 Runner). There are currently 5 variations. Type 1 is the common first version, in service with Deron and Razon. Type 2 is a version with 2 C-Escorter cannons instead of the one large cannon. This version also has only 4 rockets due to the fact that it weighs less. It was used by Leon. The Type 3 is similar to the Type 2, except it has a C-Fighter in the place of the lower cannon, which functions as escape ship. In some cases, the standard Escape Ship is still present, but in many ships only the rocket remains. This version is used by Andron. The Type 4 has it's Escape Ship integrated into a bulge on the right side of the body. This makes it slightly more aerodynamic for intra-atmospherical fighting. It is used by Adon and as a SpaceWay security vessel. The Type 5 is the newest type. It features 1 C-Escorter cannon in the center and a number of small laser turrets around it. This allows the ship to fire in many directions at once. It is used by Angon. A Type 6 was scheduled to replace all the remaining versions, but DWC decided to produce an all-new replacement, which will become the hE-Gunship.

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