The Hetron is the standard currency in the Vectron Federation. It is only found in coin form, as a small heptagonal coin that is 5 centimeters wide. It is minted of pure ytterbium, and is renowned throughout the currency world for both it's golden color and it's beautiful shimmer. However, despite it's old-worldy appearance, the Hetron hides a piece inside each coin that brings it into the modern era. Each coin contains a microchip that transmits a special code that verifies a real Hetron to scanners located in any coin-fed device. On it's front side, it shows the Vectron Star, and features the Marin it was minted as well as the Vectronic motto "Progress and Power" On it's back side, older coins had a portrait of the VFA Upsilon, while newer coins show the Spectrum.
Hetron Symbol

The Symbol of the Hetron

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