"Humeatoid: Standing roughly 6 feet tall the Humetroid is a half machine / half human entity that excels in stealth, sabotage, scouting, and long distance kills. It has a detachable Dume Droid in its chest that can be dispersed in order to attack enemies and scout an area." ~Entry on Humatoid in the USR Galactic Records (Level 3 Access)

The Humeatoid used to be a human named Sean, who was leader of a small group, called Seanon. However, after a horrible science accident, Sean was transformed into a hideous cyborg beyond recognotion. Because no proof could be given to prove he was Sean, Seanon was shut down, having no leader. Sean, now known as Humeatoid, is now a bounty hunter and assassin, and trusted friend of Steven. As mentioned (to be completed later)

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