A Hydra-B (Hydra Bomber) is a unit of war in Prestox. It is about the size of a C-Fighter, has 2 laser turrets, 2
Starfighter one by meckanicalmind-d5ios8k

A Prestonian Hydra-MB.

missle turrets, 1 window, seating for 2, and has a large fire booster.


When the United Space Republics brang in a Hydra-B to investigate, it still was loaded with Prestonium Missles. The turrets were found to be powered by small Blue Energy Crystals.

All Hydra-B VariantsEdit

  • Hydra-B (classic)
  • Hydra-MB
  • Hydra-C (holds 150)


  • MB = Mega Bomber
  • C = Carrier

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