The ill-fated iFighter was, as it's name implies, a collaboration effort between Deron War Craft and famous Apple Company. It was also first in DWC's line of light fighters. The ship was produced by DWC, but Apple manufactured a supercomputer instead of DWC. The result was a ship that had the "Computer Over Ride" button pressed more times than any other ship. Eventually, the 23 ships that were produced were either scrapped, modifyed beyond recognition, or had their supercomputers replaced. Tanon's single unit is currently waiting to be delivered. It was created after all the Apple computers were used, so it was built as a iFighter-M with a DWC supercomputer.


  • Deron: 5 (Turned into iFighter-Ms (Nicknamed "The Five Failures"))
  • Razon: 3 (Sold to Deron, turned into iFighter-Ms)
  • Astron: 5 (Turned into LA/AF-33s)
  • Leon: 2 (Sold back to Deron War Craft; Currently in storage on Derazuma 1)
  • Ethon: 4 (3 Scrapped; 1 sold back to DWC; Later donated to Deron's Ship History Museum)
  • Tanon: 1 (Turned into iFighter-M; Currently in storage at DWC)
  • Angon: 5 (Turned into iFighter-Ms with original body)

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