Iapetus, as seen from the approaching Minerva 5

Iapetus is a moon of the planet Saturn in Earth's Solar System. It is famous for 4 reasons: 1: Having 1 black and 1 white hemisphere 2: Having a mountain range along it's equator 3: Being the only known source of Iapetum, and 4: Being the location of Thyrm, the Byzantine Federation's first city, and the last one left in the Milky Way.

Colonization by Deron and the Minerva ProgramEdit

Around the earth year 2025, the Byzantine Republic started the Minerva Program, designed to use modifyed Vista Lander/Shuttles and later Inter Atmospherical Transports (IATs) to sent people to Iapetus and to start a colony. By the earth year 2043, that colony, called Thyrm, was growing fast. So fast, that is spread to other nearby moons, such as Hyperion, which was actually landed on by Minerva 10 after is suffered an engine failure.

The Eitzmann ProgramEdit

In the Earth year 2033, Ion decided to help Deron with the colonization of Iapetus by starting the Eitzmann Program. The Eitzmann 3 was the first Eitzmann rocket to reach Iapetus to help with colonization, followed by Eizmann 4 through 21. The missions helped the Thyrm colony flourish in trade greatly.

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